Desk Mount Bracket - Dual

Product Overview

The 270 Series Dual Desk Mount Bracket is best suited for multiple computer monitor configurations, such as CCTV monitoring rooms or design office where multiple screens are required. With a dual extension arms and a sturdy desk clamp mount, these monitor mounting brackets provide reliable angular mounting of your monitors.

Features & Specifications

• Holds a weight of 14kgs.
• 210mm Extension length.
• Full Aluminium and Stainless steel construction.
• Powder coated silver.
• Fully manufactured in South Africa.
• Holds most monitors.
• Mount multiple screens.
• 350mm of height adjustment on desk mount.

Available Colours

All components are powder coated, providing a hard, durable and lasting finish. Silver is the standard colour, while all other colours are made to order.

Available Colours


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